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My friend Rod is on the show this time and we talk about everything from police, california gun rights and life itself. 

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This is the 100th episode of the Hickok45 radio show and it can be found over at Hickok45 on youtube. It was a live to tape broadcast in front of an audience at Buds gun shop and range in Sevierville TN.

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Derrick and I discuss if handguns need safties and the rioting situation in america.

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This is a brief GCR minisode where Derrick and I discuss 5 common ways to get yourself killed in a woodland survival scenario. 

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My friend Alan is on the show and he is a lawyer who has a very interesting perspective on many topics. He can be contacted at

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My dad and Derrick discus all kinds of things from westers to high capacity shotguns.

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Zeke from Talking Lead and SDI is on the show and we talk about a wide variety of things.

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I talk with Derrick about a wide variety of topics.

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I speak with TheYankeeMarshal about a wide variety of topics. 

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Derrick and I discuss everything from mars to the movie red dawn.

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