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Zeke from Talking Lead and SDI is on the show and we talk about a wide variety of things.

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I talk with Derrick about a wide variety of topics.

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I speak with TheYankeeMarshal about a wide variety of topics. 

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Derrick and I discuss everything from mars to the movie red dawn.

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Duncan Trussell is a comedian and podcaster known for his apearances on the Joe Rogan Experience and many other TV apearances. Check out his website at

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I have my friend Ed on the show to talk about his opinions on guns and his experiences in the music industry.

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Derrick is on the show again and also a viewer stopped by to get in on the conversation.

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My dad and I talk about a variety of topics from the winter storm in Tennessee to breaking down the term gun violence.

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TheHossUSMC and I discus freedom issues in this country and the way we would like to see gun control handled in this country.

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Derrick is back on the show again and we talk about everything from western movies to the roswell UFO crash.

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