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This is an old unreleased episode where Derrick and I sat down for a talk just like old times.

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I sit down with comedian Brad Edwards to talk about comedy and politics.

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Dad and I talk about the election and gun rights

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Derrick and I are back at it again on the podcast but with a dfferent set up this time.

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This is an episode that was recorded several months ago but some of the video files were deleted so I never released it before now.

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Adam Kokesh is on the show again

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Zeke and I talk about a little bit of everything

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Derrick and I talk about all sorts of things in this last episode at the original location.

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Comedians Josh Lewis and Joe Kelley from the first episode of Comedians Shoot Machine Guns come on the podcast to talk about guns, comedy, and a whole bunch of other things.

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Dad and I speak with Rex at Bud`s gun shop about guns and gun politics.

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